Project Description

Hi, I’m Jasmine. As an Exercise Physiologist my role is to provide people with appropriate exercise intervention or movement strategies to support each individual person through their own journey. This includes mental support and understanding to the various conditions and difficulties each person faces.

  • Favourite Quote: “The choices you make today determine the future you have tomorrow.”

  • Favourite Book/Podcast:  I enjoy reading more than listening and will read pretty read anything murder mystery. Particularly about serial killers.


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

CLINIC Ormiston, Jamboree Heights
PHONE 07 4723 2495
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When it comes to exercise or even general ability, many people or clients doubt their own ability. Often, we see people who are scared of movement due to pain or don’t realise their own potential for whatever reason. I enjoy being able to motivate people to discover these boundaries and hopefully push past them

I was a late bloomer to this industry. I worked a variety of roles before finally completing my Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2021.

I like that this is a positive and supportive workplace. It’s great to be part of a team that builds us as individuals as much as building us as a team.

I’ve always lived in QLD and I love summer so I’ll probably always live here. I started a degree in Counselling and Psychology before this which cemented my desire to help people, however, wasn’t quite right for me. I’ve always been active to some degree and found I was regularly encouraging and supporting people with technique etc, at a friends Bootcamp group that I attended. This helped me realise my passion for helping people through movement. So I switched my degrees after my daughter was born.

Empathy, understanding and communication definitely. Self-awareness, courage and determination.

I enjoy reading or watching movies (I’m a marvel fan). I also like doing mud runs. I never back down from a challenge (only a touch competitive) so I like being able to challenge any perceptions towards my ability, including my own. I also like to sing Disney songs in the car with my daughter.