Project Description

Hi, I’m Chelsea I primarily do one-on-one sessions with clients presenting with a chronic condition, that could be pain, musculoskeletal injury, cardiovascular disease or neurological impairment. I use education, exercise prescription and intervention to improve the physical health and mental wellness of my clients, help set some goals and watch them thrive when we meet those goals

  • Favourite Quote: “Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions”

  • Favourite Book/Podcast:  Anything short and sweet. I find my free time can get limited pretty quickly, so I read more often if they are shorter rather than a long-drawn-out story.  If I’m not listening to an audiobook – Dark History is a pretty good podcast. It explores the dark side of history that wasn’t taught in schools.


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

CLINIC Deeagan, Kirwan & Hyde Park
PHONE 07 4723 2495
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When pain, or an impairment stop a client’s ability to complete the thing in their life that they enjoy, it can be really upsetting. I want to fix that feeling.  I really love seeing clients work on themselves and watch them get back to their enjoyment, whether that’s a sport, a hobby or just spending more time with the people that they love. It’s incredibly rewarding.

I graduated from JCU 2020, In my first year – post graduation – I found an interest with NDIS clientele. I came to Achieve soon after to grow that knowledge and experience to upskill my level of prescription to specialise with clients with physical, and/or neurological impairments.

The supportive staff environment, if I ever feel like I’m stuck with a problem, every single one of my colleagues are willing to sit down with me and help come up with a solution or alternative approach to assist with the client in mind.

Although born in Melbourne, I have lived in Townsville my entire life. Pre-covid, traveling was a major interest and love in my life, I love visiting new places, meeting new people, and living for a sense of adventure. In the past, I have delved into Tae Kwon Do, netball, volleyball, and swimming, and more recently resistance training at the gym as my primary mode of exercise. Including the in-laws, I have 8 sisters – so nothing in my life is quiet these days.

Inclusiveness, sense of humor, and respect.

I enjoy spending time with the people I love – if an adventure is involved it’s always a bonus. I’m usually outdoors, being a great plant-mum, or camping.