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Hi.  I’m Craig.  I have dual roles at Achieve Fitness, the first of which is to help clients improve their quality of life/ health and wellbeing through exercise prescription that takes into consideration physical, social and behavioural factors.  The second is assisting my fellow EP’s at Achieve with their ongoing clinical and professional development.

  • Favourite Quote: “The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion” – Thomas Paine

  • Favourite Book/Podcast:  At the moment, ‘The Plantagenets’ by Dan Jones… its Game of Thrones but real-life.


Senior Exercise Physiologist and Lead Educator

CLINIC Ormiston & Jamboree Heights
PHONE 07 3824 2090
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Too often clients who come to see us think of themselves or have been classified by someone else as the condition(s) that they are seeking treatment for.  As a practitioner I aim to encourage clients to participate in exercise rehabilitation/interventions for the purpose of improving their quality of life as well as their health and wellness – in a nutshell: rehab the person, not the condition.

I graduated University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, and my first role after graduating was and has been working as an Exercise Physiologist at Achieve.  I have been providing exercise prescription at Achieve ever since. In addition to this I am a sport tragic and my favourite sport has always been cricket, but my current sport/activity of choice is rock climbing so physical activity has always been something I enjoy.

I like that I can come to work in an environment/space where personal goals are reached and achievements celebrated.

I grew up with a very close family and extended family unit – so time with those who matter most is very important to me.

Hard work, I’m competitive (some would say too much), Empathy for others, I always try to help others wherever I can, I am inquisitive (always keen to learn something new).

Climbing a wall, Climbing that other wall, thinking about how I would up climb all the other things.   Also spending time with my partner.