Strength and conditioning can be defined as the process of improving the body’s functional capacity to perform certain activities. These activities can include basic movements such as walking or climbing up stairs; as well as specific activities such as sports or athletics. These improvements in functional capacity aren’t limited to any age or gender.

Unfortunately, the functional capacity of our bodies will start to decline at some stage in our lives. By conditioning our bodies at a younger age, we can delay and slow the decline in functional capacity as we get older. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to improve the condition of our bodies at an older age. In fact, an older body has shown to respond to resistance training at the same rate as a younger body (relative to the initial condition of the body). Basically – It’s never too late to start!

If you have passed your days of playing sport or competitive events, you can still improve your quality of life with strength and conditioning training. Strength and conditioning will improve your body’s strength, power and stability which will result in a higher capacity to perform activities of daily living, such as getting out of a chair, getting off the ground, walking upstairs, or preventing a fall. The biomechanics of these movements can be mimicked in the gym and made more difficult with added resistance; therefore, making specific movements easier in everyday situations.

This same concept of specificity can also be used in the gym to increase the performance of certain exercises involved in certain sports. This type of training can help give a competitive edge over your opponents. Strength and conditioning can not only be used to increase performance, but can also be used to prevent or rehabilitate an injury. This is done by strengthening specific muscles, and increasing mobility and strength through joints which are commonly used in specific sports.

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