Jordan Coonan


Hi.  I'm Jordan.  I utilise different forms of evidence based exercise prescription to assist a broad variety of clientele and conditions, ranging from musculoskeletal injuries to cardiac, pulmonary, metabolic and neurological conditions.  Favourite Quote: Do or do not, there is no try. Favourite Book/Podcast:  [...]

Michael Andison


Hi.  I'm Michael. I do mostly musculoskeletal rehabilitation, My Health for Life groups and Home Visits to the elderly. Favourite Quote: “If you wanted to, you would have” Favourite Book/Podcast:  Barbell Medicine Podcast – a modern look at strength and conditioning for rehabilitation. [...]

Ryan Allan


Hi.  I'm Ryan.  I work with people towards their goals through various exercise prescription. I also ensure things are operating smoothly and provide mentorship to Junior Exercise Physiologists. Favourite Quote: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that is why they [...]

Nicola Carlish


Hi.  I'm Nicola.  I do a combination of clinical workload and managerial admin tasks. But mostly just having a yarn with clients every time a group class is on. Favourite Quote: "“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” - Jesus Christ [...]

Alex Casey


Hi.  I'm Alex.  Apart from managing the site, I do exercise prescriptions and create rehabilitation programs for chronic conditions. Favourite Quote: "Win the morning, win the day" Favourite Book/Podcast:  Joe Rogan - Variety, culture and ease of listening. ALEX CASEY [...]

Craig Newman


Hi.  I'm Craig.  I have dual roles at Achieve Fitness, the first of which is to help clients improve their quality of life/ health and wellbeing through exercise prescription that takes into consideration physical, social and behavioural factors.  The second is assisting my fellow EP's at [...]

Caroline Matthews


Hi.  I'm Caroline. I work across several locations in South Brisbane. I work out of the YMCA at Jamboree Heights spending my time helping ex veterans with their varying health conditions, run a diabetes group, assist with the Cancer survivor groups, and help EPC and private [...]

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