Jackson Connie


Hi.  I'm Jackson. As an exercise physiologist I am responsible for creating exercise-based treatment plans to help improve the quality of life for clients with a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions Favourite Quote: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today [...]

Rey Subramaniam


Hi.  I'm Rey. As an Exercise Physiologist I deliver exercise as treatment for a range of conditions including cardiovascular, pulmonary, respiratory, metabolic, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Favourite Quote: "Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have." - Eckhart Tolle Favourite Book/Podcast: [...]

Troy Burgess


Hi.  I'm Troy, the Director and Principal of Accredited Exercise Physiologists.  My highest priorities are to upskill staff to reach their full potential and to develop and manage external stakeholders. Favourite Quote: "I can do this all day"  - Captain America Favourite Book/Podcast:  The [...]

Nicola Carlish


Hi.  I'm Nicola.  I do a combination of clinical workload and managerial admin tasks. But mostly just having a yarn with clients every time a group class is on. Favourite Quote: "“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” - Jesus Christ [...]

Ruby Ker


Hi.  I'm Ruby.  My role at Achieve is to assist in optimising individual's physical function, health and wellbeing through creating exercise and education interventions to prevent or manage acute or chronic disease or injury.  My main areas of work/interest include oncology, neurological conditions, and strength and [...]

Paul Kirkegaard


Hi.  I'm Paul.  My role involves oversight of our clinical team, including clinical treatment, staff support and logistics across all locations. I’m also responsible for generating new leads and maintaining existing referral sources for all sites, including meetings with GP’s and a variety of external affiliates. [...]

Alex Casey


Hi.  I'm Alex.  Apart from managing the site, I do exercise prescriptions and create rehabilitation programs for chronic conditions. Favourite Quote: "Win the morning, win the day" Favourite Book/Podcast:  Joe Rogan - Variety, culture and ease of listening. ALEX CASEY [...]

Naomi Devlin


Hi.  I'm Naomi.  I do a wide range of activities from Human Resource to client support all which circulates around a lot of laughter. Favourite Quote: “What’s for you, will not pass you by” Favourite Book/Podcast:  Anything by Tess Gerritsen, she’s a fantastic crime [...]

Craig Newman


Hi.  I'm Craig.  I have dual roles at Achieve Fitness, the first of which is to help clients improve their quality of life/ health and wellbeing through exercise prescription that takes into consideration physical, social and behavioural factors.  The second is assisting my fellow EP's at [...]

Kyle Fleetwood-Piper


Hi.  I'm Kyle. I prescribe and deliver individualised 1:1 and group-based exercise sessions focusing on achieving client specific goals and education around the importance of how exercise can assist with achieving any goal. Favourite Quote: "Giving up on your goal because of one setback is [...]

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