Jonathan Pringle


Hi, I'm Jonathan. My role as an Exercise Physiologist is to develop client-specific exercise interventions and programs after conduction in-depth assessments and to monitor progress whilst ensuring safety and effectiveness.  My role also affords me the opportunity for continuous leaning and professional development to achieve the [...]

Ben Cuthbert O’Meara


Hi, I'm Ben. My role is to create safe and effective exercise programs that are designed to improve your functional ability and quality of life. My focus is to help you set and envision your goals so we can work towards achieving them together through my [...]

Darcy Larkin


Hi, I'm Darcy. I provide education and intervention to a range of clientele intending to aid their quality of life through the use of safe and effective exercise intervention. Favourite Quote: “They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn” - Paul Kelly [...]

Jasmine Tiang


Hi. I’m Jas. My role as an Exercise Physiologist is to create effective exercise interventions to help others improve their quality of life and manage their chronic conditions or injuries. Favourite Quote:  Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. JASMINE TIANG [...]

Matthew Cox


Hi. I’m Matthew. My role is an Allied Health Assistant and I help the EPs with any group classes to take that load off them so they can focus on their clients and free up some of their time. Favourite Quotes: Just because something works, doesn't [...]

Bailee Futter


Hi.  I'm Bailee.  I do general admin duties, liaising with all our wonderful clients. Favourite Quote: “She believed she could, so she did” BAILEE FUTTER Administration CLINIC Ormiston PHONE 07 3824 2090 EMAIL Get Directions [...]

Stephen Theodorou


Hi. I’m Stephen and I’m as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. I work with clients to develop personalised strategies to undertake physical activity to improve wellbeing and to meet client goals. My clinical interests are persistent pain and cardiovascular pathologies. Favourite Quotes: Hard work pays off" – Mat [...]

Jye Spriggs


Hi.  I'm Jye.  I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Jamboree Heights and Ormiston. Favourite Quote: "Set Goals not Limits" JYE SPRIGGS  Clinical Exercise Physiologist CLINIC Ormiston, Jamboree Heights PHONE 07 3824 2090 EMAIL Get Directions [...]

Daniel Lazarte


Hi.  I'm Daniel. I'm responsible for creating safe and effective exercise interventions to help improve quality of life across a wide range of conditions and injuries. Favourite Quote: "Last set best set" - Steve Cook DANIEL LAZARTE  Clinical Exercise Physiologist [...]

Jasmine Ware


Hi, I'm Jasmine. As an Exercise Physiologist my role is to provide people with appropriate exercise intervention or movement strategies to support each individual person through their own journey. This includes mental support and understanding to the various conditions and difficulties each person faces. Favourite [...]

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