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Hi.  I’m Paul.  My role involves oversight of our clinical team, including clinical treatment, staff support and logistics across all locations. I’m also responsible for generating new leads and maintaining existing referral sources for all sites, including meetings with GP’s and a variety of external affiliates. I keep my hands to the plough clinically, treating a portion of clients at various sites and retirement villages across Brisbane.

  • Favourite Quote:

      • It is not what I want that changes me, it is what I will. It is not what I do, but who I am, that counts the most.” Kris Valloton and Ben Windle
      • “By wisdom a house is built, by understanding it is established, and by knowledge the rooms are filled.” Proverbs 24:3-5
  • Favourite Book/Podcast:

      • Memories of Ice – Book 3 of Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson.
      • To Sleep in a Sea of Stars – Christopher Paolini
      • Both – cause I’m a sci-fi nerd.


 Senior Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Practice Manager

CLINIC Ormiston
PHONE 07 3824 2090
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Improving movement literacy is of particular interest to me. I am quite passionate about helping my clients understand how to move their body with greater ease or control, to prevent pain and wear and tear, not only through clinical exercise, but daily body awareness strategies. Given my previous low back injury and work experience in Occ. Rehab., I practice such things on a daily basis to manage my own conditions, and have seen such strategies make a big difference in the lives of my clients.

In 2010 I graduated from my degree at The University of Queensland with first class honours. I landed an AEP role at Greenslopes Private Hospital in the staff wellness program and Health Hearts Cardiac Rehab. I was in this role for 5 years and I spent much of my time treating nurses, prescribing outpatient cardiac rehab program and I was also responsible for developing and delivering health and wellness education sessions, and other wellness events. I then had a 12 month leave of absence and travelled Europe for 12 months. Travel was my job! (The only job where you become richer and significantly poorer at the same time!). Upon returning to Australia I spent 18 months working as an Injury Management consultant in Occupational Rehab, which involved a heavy case management workload, and also delivering courses such as ergonomics and manual handling training. I left this position for a role in construction, before an interview with Achieve 6 months later.

The variety of work, our excellence in clinical practice, and the genuine care that our staff have for our clients. Our team environment is also very supportive, and our culture of excellence and championing each other is rare. This is something I highly value.

I grew up around Brisbane / south east Queensland and have one younger brother. I completed high school in Bundaberg, and worked for two years before moving back to Brisbane to study at UQ in 2007. I completed a year of my degree on exchange in Canada, which was incredible, before graduating in 2010. My wife and I have been married for 11 years, we have done a major house reno/flip, and also travelled extensively in a motorhome/backpacking around Europe 2016, which I feel very privileged to have been able to do, and have very fond memories of.

I approach the world from a Christian point of view, considering that everyone is of value, deserves to be shown respect and love, and that everyone has something to contribute. We all need each other to get through this crazy thing called life.

Spending time at home with my wife and two young daughters, I always have some music on and also play acoustic guitar. I also love sampling delicious craft beer.