Project Description

Hi, I’m Darcy. I provide education and intervention to a range of clientele intending to aid their quality of life through the use of safe and effective exercise intervention.

  • Favourite Quote: “They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn” – Paul Kelly


Exercise Physiologist

CLINIC Ormiston & Clayfield
PHONE 07 3824 2090
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Accredited Exercise Physiologist – UQ

The loss of ability to live their lives in a manner of their choice.  I want to assist people in returning to or continuing to enjoy aspects of their lives that hold relevance and importance to them.

The positive and supporting environment enjoyed amongst colleagues and clients, as well as the ‘person first’ approach instilled in the EP’s.

Performance coach specialising in speed and biomechanics.  My personal background: born and raised in NQ on a sugarcane farm.

Compassion, resilience and hope.

I like playing golf, grabbing a coffee with friends and watching football as much as possible.

The Grade Cricketer, Bloke in a Bar